How to publish prelaunch project

Once Youre project is ready to go live and appear in Marketplace you have to click on Submit button just in the top-right corner.
Our success team will review your project and make it available for publishing in 48 hours after submission, If there are any issues our team will notify you via email, so you can fix them and resubmit.

When ready to make your project live go to the builder and click the “Go Live“ button.

Click on "Go Live" and you'll see the opening window to name your version.

Versions are for testing your product positioning. You can create several versions of your project with different copy and visuals and check which one performs best. (if you'd have further questions about versions please let me know).

Your project will be published immediately on our marketplace and you'll be getting traffic from there. For running traffic via facebook

if you are planning on running facebook ads here is the detailed guidlines