Prelaunch page builder guidelines

Here are the detailed guidelines for each block of the builder, including technical documentation and recommendations. Page Builder is the place where you can create your project with an easy-to-use interface in minutes. 

For concept and price validation you need to create 2 separate pages:

  • Main Page 
  • Reservation page.

Top Section

The top section is above the fold section - it can’t be removed or rearranged. It is the same for all projects. 

The top section contains:

  • Image Slider (you can put a YouTube link for the video)
  • Logo
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Form

Image Slider

The recommended size for each image is 1166x874 px. The first picture must be clear without noisy background: make sure to keep the main photo item centered to avoid crop in the mobile version.

The item is not centered: Not Good 😞

The item is centered: Good 🙂

Noisy background: Extremely not Good 😞

Clean background: Good 🙂

You can add a video to the slider by putting a link from Youtube, the video will always take a place at the end of the slider.


The ratio of the logo should be rectangular, the recommended size is 256x80 px. Square or vertical logos are not acceptable.

Good 🙂

An almost square logo: Not Good 😞


The maximum number of characters in Headline is 50. The headline should have this structure: Name: the main benefit.


Product Section

This section is the most commonly used. It has 3 different variations presented further in the article. 

Variation 1

The recommended image size is 1024x1024px. The width of the image is fixed, which means you can only upload images with a width of 1024px and a minimum height of 216px.

‍The placement of the text and image can be rearranged by clicking on the toolbar:

Variation 2

Includes video with the recommended size of 1024x580px, max size 1MB

Better to upload only short animations.

Variation 3

Same as the first variation but the image has no bottom margin. 

Icons Section

This block allows users to upload icons in jpg. or png. format to showcase the main features or benefits of the product.

Variation 1

Max. 4 icons with the recommended size of 270x160px, do not upload icons with a ratio of 1x1 (square).

1x1 image: Not good 😞

135x80px: Good 🙂

If the user removes one of the icons the whole layout will automatically move to the center. 

Variation 2

Max. 4 icons next to each other

The recommended ratio is 1x1 (square) ****or 212x212px

Variation 3

Max. 3 icons inside the boxes

The recommended ratio is 1x1 (square) ****or 160x160px

Variation 4

Max. 4 icons with fixed sizes of boxes / 2 rows and 2 columns

The recommended ratio is 1x1 (square) or 100x100px

Variation 5

Max. 4 icons with fixed sizes of boxes / 2 rows and 2 columns

The recommended ratio is 1x1 (square) or 100x100px

It’s possible to upload a separate image in this variation. The recommended image size is 1024X1024px

Variation 6

Max. 4 icons next to each other

The recommended ratio is 1x1 (square) or 100x100px

Full Screen Section

The full-screen section allows users to upload images that take the whole screen with 100% viewport height.

The recommended image/video should be as follows:

  • the main object should be centered and have empty spaces around itself to automatically adjust well in the mobile version
Not good 😞

Good 🙂

Setting a color overlay on an image is the perfect way to neutralize a busy image. It blocks out all the different colors, making the image monotone.

Not good 😞

Good 🙂 text is readable

Also, you can change the text position to avoid covering the product with text.

Not good 😞 text overlapping with the image

Good 🙂


The gallery allows users to create different layouts of images to show the use cases or features of the product.

Variation 1

Max. 4 images next to each other. The recommended size is 536x462px

Only this variation rearranges the images in 2 columns in the mobile version.

Variation 2

Max. 3 images next to each other. The recommended size is 700x720px

Variation 3

Max. 4 images in 2 rows and 2 columns. The recommended size is 1028x1028px

Variation 4

1 image with a fixed width of 1140px and auto height: ( do not upload image with width less than 1140px )

Reservation Page

This section allows the users to show the discount they offer for their product. The process goes as follows: the consumers click on the “Reserve” button and get redirected to the Stripe page for checkout.

Users cannot add or remove any blocks on the reservation page, there's only one static block.

The offered discount will automatically be calculated once the “Deposit Price“, “Regular Price” and “Discounted Price“ sections are filled.

At the moment it’s not recommended to edit the text in the Paragraph section.

Good luck with your creation process :)