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How does the reservation funnel work?
How does the reservation funnel work?
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If users find the product interesting, they have the option to leave their email and proceed to the reservation page.

On the reservation page, users encounter crucial information such as the product price, discounted price, and deposit amount.

Each of these fields holds significance since users are required to make a specific deposit to secure the product at the promised price, right after its official launch.

When clicking on:

  • Reserve my spot” → the user will be redirected to the Stripe (Payment processing platform), to fill in the necessary information to make the transaction valid. Right after confirming the payment the user:

    • will receive a confirmation email from Stripe with the subscription receipt

    • will automatically appear in your “Followers list”

    • will be prompted to fill in the survey

  • No thanks” → the user will be redirected to fill in a short 5-question survey. This will give you more understanding of what holds your potential user back before submitting their place with the reservation deposit. Right after passing the survey, the user will appear in your “Followers list”.

The mentioned steps allow you to understand the purchasing intent of your audience and validate the pricing of the product.

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