Concierge Service
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What is the Concierge Service?

If your plan includes the Concierge Service, the following terms also apply to you, for the full validation of one single product.

The Concierge Service helps you achieve your validation goals faster and more efficiently by offering the services of an expert validation team to support you in:

  • Identifying your potential customers and their needs

  • Finding the market fit of your product

  • Building a community of loyal supporters in the early stage

  • Analyzing the willingness to pay off your potential customers

How much support do I get via the Concierge Service?

The Concierge Service includes the dedicated support of a validation team, including:

  • A Project Manager

  • An Ads Specialist

  • A Conversion Copywriter

  • A Conversion Designer

  • A Business Development Specialist

  • A Community Building Professional

What activities are included in the Concierge Service?

The Concierge Service team works together to deliver the following for your validation:

  • Product Research

    • Competitor Research

    • Customer Research

  • Product Page building for your product on the platform

    • Conversion Copywriting for the Product Page

    • Conversion Design of the Product Page

  • Ad Media Creation for your product

    • Sales Copywriting for ads on Meta (Facebook and Instagram)

    • Visual Design (images and videos) for ads on Meta (Facebook and Instagram)

  • Media Buying (Advertising)

    • Ads setup and management on Meta (Facebook and Instagram)

    • Ads optimization on Meta (Facebook and Instagram)

    • Advertising directions testing

    • Ads attribution, tracking, and reporting

    • Note: The ads budget is covered by the Client

  • Up to 3 variations of landing page creation and testing

    • Includes the above Research, Product Page building, Ad Media Creation, and Media Buying for each variation

  • Surveying your audience

    • Survey research and strategy

    • Survey creation and setup on

    • Survey response analysis

    • Product recommendations based on the survey results

  • Community Launch Setup on the platform

    • Space setup for your product community

    • Community onboarding and activation

    • LIVE event set up so you can present your product to your community

    • Focus Group setup

    • Note: In order to start this, your campaign must meet the minimum Prelaunch Community requirement of 500 subscribers

  • Final and daily reporting

    • Survey results

    • Targeting groups insights

    • Ads spending and performance results

    • Advertising insights and best-performing ad creative selection

    • Concept and price validation results

    • Email leads

    • Interests, Geographic and Demographic insights

How long does the validation take to start?

Once your payment has been received, our team of project managers will be in touch with you. They’ll onboard you into the platform, explaining how it works. And they’ll also spend time learning about your product and goals.

Working with a team of copywriters, designers, and advertisers, the Concierge Service team will put together your product page, surveys, ads, and other relevant materials. The team will check back often, to make sure everything is in line with your vision.

Within 2 weeks of your initial payment, your project will be live and open to subscriptions and reservations.

Does handle my email marketing?

While visitors who subscribe to or reserve your product receive confirmation emails, extra email marketing services are not included in the standard validation. At any point in time, you can export your list of subscribers and upload them to your favorite email-sending tool. If you would like help with email marketing, check out our Concierge Service.

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