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Prelaunch Marketplace: The Home of Creative Projects
Prelaunch Marketplace: The Home of Creative Projects
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Prelaunch Marketplace: The Home of Creative Projects

All projects published on appear on the Prelaunch Marketplace. Here innovation lovers and early adopters can discover your and others’ brand-new products and contribute to the validation process.

The Marketplace is divided into various sections:

  • Top

  • Popular

  • Collections

  • Latest

  • All

Let’s see what each of them are in more detail.


The Top section is a scrollable gallery that usually features the top 3 products on Prelaunch at the time. These featured products get a front seat in this premium spot — the best real estate on the page in terms of space and location — and usually benefit from a surge in traffic.

To land your project in the Top section, build an amazing product page and drive a lot of traffic to it. Our ranking algorithm favors products that get a lot of real engagement in the form of subscribers and discussions, as these have proven themselves to already be of interest to the Prelaunch Community.


If your product is still very popular with visitors, showing high engagement in the form of lots of subscribers and discussions, you may also make it into the Popular section. Living just underneath the Top section in the Prelaunch Marketplace, these products still benefit from a lot of organic traffic.

Optimize your product page — and make sure you have an FAQ — to increase your chances of appearing here. For more information, check out the guidelines for what you can do to appear in the Popular section.


In order to further boost organic search discovery and organic traffic to your page, we also created the Prelaunch Collections. Collections are curated assortments of products that showcase between 5-20 items, each with their unique highlights and reasons to reserve.

These are curated by our team of content marketers and optimized for SEO to increase your projects organic traffic.


All the newest projects are added here automatically for the Prelaunch Community to see! This can give your new project an increased boost of organic traffic right from the start.

If your project is not featured in this section when launching, make sure that you’ve met the minimum requirements for a complete product page and reservation funnel. You can contact [email protected] for more information.


All projects on the Prelaunch Marketplace can be found in this section. Sorting is based on popularity and recency, with more recent and popular products moving to the top. Many visitors discover products by scrolling through the Prelaunch Marketplace.

Increase your Marketplace click-through rate (the number of people clicking on your product after seeing it in the marketplace) by having a great first image on your page’s header section, a great product title and a great description.

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