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How to Tell the Prelaunch Community that You’ve Launched on Kickstarter or Indiegogo
How to Tell the Prelaunch Community that You’ve Launched on Kickstarter or Indiegogo
Updated over a week ago

Send a Last Chance Announcement to all Reservees 24 hours before

Remember, all reservations on are fully refundable up until the time your product becomes available for purchase (also crowdfunding).

Most reservations do end up turning into sales. However, you need to do the right thing and give people the option to cancel before you go live.

We recommend you do this via email — as you’ve already collected them on — but the important thing is that every single reservee receives this message.

In the message, you have to include the following disclaimer:

As we’re going live tomorrow, [DATE], this is your last chance to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund on your Prelaunch Deposit.

Failure to send this message out to your reservees could lead to your reservation deposits being withheld.

Create Prelaunch Perks/Rewards

Your Prelaunch Reservees need a way to get your product at your promised price, right?

On Indiegogo, this is easy!

Just create a Secret Perk (follow this guide):

  1. Include “[Prelaunch]” in the Perk Title

  2. Include “This Exclusive Perk is intended solely for our Prelaunch Community” in the Perk Description

  3. Send your Prelaunch Community an email with the instructions to:

  4. Select this Reward

Download assets

On Kickstarter, you have to get a little more creative, as they don’t have a “Secret” Perk option.

Based on the advice of dozens of creators launching on Kickstarter, we’ve found the best method to be:

  1. Create a Reward called “[Prelaunch Exclusive]

  2. Add a disclaimer in the Reward Description, that says that this perk is only available to the Prelaunch Community

  3. Send your Prelaunch Community an email with the instructions to:

  1. Select this Reward

  2. Manually set the Pledge Amount to the promised price you offered them on Prelaunch

  1. Whenever someone backs this pledge, be sure to check them against your exported list of Prelaunch Reservees:

  1. If they’re not a reservee, refund them

  2. If they are a reservee, send them an email confirming the actual product they’ve reserved

This last step is so that your backers can rest assured that their pledge has been correctly tracked, as Kickstarter doesn’t offer any proper mechanisms to do this.

Send out Your Launch Email

Once you’ve set up the above two points, you’re ready to Launch!

Doing this is the easiest step yet!

  1. Go to your Dashboard

  2. Select the 3-dot menu

  3. Click “Time to Launch”

  4. Add the URL that you created in the steps above

  5. Click “Next”

Our team will quickly review everything to make sure it’s all set up right, and approve your launch.

This does 2 things:

  • It changes your Prelaunch Page subscription form to a single button, redirecting everyone to your crowdfunding campaign page. This turns the SEO reputation you’ve built on the Prelaunch platform and any additional traffic from the Prelaunch Marketplace into new direct traffic to your crowdfunding page!

  • An automated launch email will go out from our [email protected] domain to all your reservees.

If you’re familiar with email marketing, we also recommend you send out an email to your reservees and subscribers from your domain as well.

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