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What do each of the Project Lifecycle Statuses mean?
What do each of the Project Lifecycle Statuses mean?
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At, we’ve granted all creators fine control over the status of their projects. It’s (mostly) up to you when you move your product from one stage to the next, and this is usually pretty simple.

Your product lifecycle will probably move through the following stages:

  1. Draft

  2. In-Review

  3. Approved

  4. Live

  5. Launched

And there are a further 3 inactive statuses that your product may have:

  • Suspended

  • Canceled

  • Deleted

This article offers a comprehensive description of what each status means, and what you can do to move to the next step.

1. Draft

This is where your projects live when you initially create and work on them. During this stage, they’re kept private and visible only to you as the creator and any collaborators you add.

You can work together on making necessary changes, adding blocks and images, improving the copy, setting the pricing, and more, before submitting it for review.

How to Submit a Project for Review

Click on the upper-right button labeled Submit.

submit in

Note that once the submission is made, changes cannot be made to the project. If you realized that something needs changing after submitting it for review, please contact [email protected]. But don’t worry, you’ll also have a chance to keep reviewing it after the approval.

2. In-Review

After a project is submitted, the Support Team will quickly review it — usually within a few hours, and at most within 2 working days.

If everything’s fine, our team will approve your project and move it to the Approved Phase. If there are any issues with your product presentation, your project may be rejected and returned to the Draft Phase for revision. Our Support Team will be in touch with reasons for rejection, feedback, and suggestions for how you can improve it.

Don’t worry. Usually, these are minor changes and serve to increase your chances of successful validation. We base this feedback on the best practices we’ve found after testing 1,000s of products on

3. Approved

In the Approved Phase, you’re now able to take your page live, making it publicly accessible to all visitors.

How to Take Your Project Live

  1. Open the Dashboard

  2. Click on your now-approved project (or click on the three-dot menu and select Edit Project)

  3. Click on Go Live (upper right-hand corner)

  4. Give it a descriptive version name that will help you remember what the focus of this page was

  5. Click on Go Live once more

4. Live Status

In the Live Phase, your project is now accessible to the public. You can drive traffic to it via social, ads, or PR, or just send it out to friends and colleagues, and start watching your metrics evolve in your project’s dashboard.

Once your project is live, it will also appear in the Prelaunch Marketplace and could be shared with 100,000+ innovation lovers in the Prelaunch Community newsletter.

Your project will live in this Live Phase until you decide your validation is over and choose to Launch, Cancel, or Delete your project.

If you want to make changes and launch a new version, you can edit the page, add more options, and start new iterations directly on this Live version. Any changes you make will be saved. And as long as you don’t publish the new changes, these will only be visible to you. Visitors will see the originally published page until you decide to publish the new changes.

5. Launched

Projects that have successfully passed validation are ready for full-scale launch. That’s what this phase is for. Once you launch, your main product page will change from a subscription form to a button that takes visitors to your sales page.

Rather than hide it from the Prelaunch platform, this maximizes the SEO value of your Prelaunch page and can become a considerable source of organic sales. It uses the authority you built during your validation, and drives new searches and the Prelaunch Community to your final sales page.

How to Launch the Project:

  1. Open your Dashboard

  2. Click on the three-dot menu of the project you want to take live

  3. Click on Time to Launch

  4. Input your product’s sales page URL (the link to the place where you’ve launched)

  5. Click on the Next button

  6. Upon submission, the Support Team will review your launch request and make sure the link is working.

Your Prelaunch Community will be notified about your product's launch via email automatically, sending them to your new sales page directly.


If your product is found to be violating the Prelaunch Terms of Service, our article on Prohibited Products, or any other platform guideline, your project may be suspended.

We will do our best to warn you appropriately via email before suspending your project and give you time to make the necessary edits without taking the page down. However, there may be We may suspend your project without warning,

Prelaunch success team can suspend your project if it’s violating platform guidelines.


You can always delete your project (link to data deletion), keep in mind that a deleted project can’t be restored


If you decide to unpublish your project, you can always cancel it, for restore please contact [email protected]

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