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Your Prelaunch Discussion Page
Your Prelaunch Discussion Page
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How can Discussions help me?

The goal of the discussion board is to connect you with your future customers. So you can gather insights into the market and its needs, hear their doubts and fears, and add a level of humanity and credibility to your campaign.

In the past, creators like yourself have used these insights to:

  • Inform their future marketing materials

    • What to focus on first

    • What are your potential customers’ primary pain points and concerns are

    • What to write in the headline

    • Understand the Voice of Customer

    • Gauge qualitative interest in the product

  • Build a tighter relationship with a select group of invested followers

  • Even go so far as making product changes based on their feedback

It's also an opportunity for you to pull back the curtain and let people into your creation process.

So, while your main page is essentially an impersonal sales page, your first comment (and all the rest) are your chance to get personal and let your followers see that there is a real person and real idea behind your product.

Where can I find the Discussions for my Product?

Every project has a Discussions tab under the Hero Image:

To post your comments, all you need to do is write them into the comments box when signed in and hit “Comment” when you’re done:

Don’t worry, you can always come back and edit it later if you notice any mistakes!

How can I write a strong Creator’s Welcome Comment?

This all starts with your first comment, what we like to call the 'Creator’s Welcome’.

This is where you introduce yourself and your idea to the community. Give some background, and let them know what you need from them.

The most important points you should include are:

  • A short intro

    • What’s the product?

    • Who's the team/person behind the idea?

  • Why/How did you come up with this idea? Go wild with some personal storytelling.

    • Did you suffer from the same problem?

    • Were you trying to help someone?

    • What inspired you?

  • Some history of the development

    • How many revisions has this gone through?

    • What changes have been made? Why?

  • Why you?

    • What experience do you have in this field?

    • Why should potential customers trust you?

  • Your 'ask'

    • Tie it all together

    • Ask people to support your Prelaunch campaign, to ask questions, etc.

The ideal length for the Creator’s Welcome is 200-300 words.

Some extra guidelines that should help you:

  • Make it personal

    • Your Prelaunch Product page was the sales page, this is your story

    • Don't be afraid to get vulnerable

  • Don't dive into marketing speak

    • Easier said than done, I know, I was a copywriter for 10 years!

  • Talk in the first person

    • Think of how you’d tell this story to an old friend you hadn't seen in a while

    • Say “I did this,” and “My idea was,” rather than “The founders did,” and “Apple’s idea was.”

  • Be responsive

    • Pay attention to comments from others and try to answer promptly.

    • This helps to establish that connection and ensures your early supporters trust you

How do I name my account so people know I'm the Creator?

While we’re working on building a tagging system that will allow users to see that you’re the Creator behind your product, we’ve come up with a workaround that our Creators love.

  1. Go to your Account Settings page.

  1. Name your account as follows:

  1. Creator First name @ Company

  2. eg. Steve @ Apple or Steve @ iPhone

  1. Don’t forget to save!

Where can I find some examples of other Creator’s Welcome Comments?

Every project is different, but here are some examples you can use for inspiration:

Can I get some extra assistance?

Once you have an initial draft, we’re happy to go through it, polish it up, and offer suggestions.

And if you need any additional advice as you write it, don't hesitate to ask!

Reach out to me, Daniel, the Head of Community at [email protected]

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